Law enforcement serves warrant on local bar

By Goose Lindsay

WECO Radio

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), Wartburg Police Department and several area agencies executed a warrant at a local bar Saturday night after the MCSO had received several tips that alcohol was being served illegally at the premises.

“We obtained a search warrant for 331 Old Highway 27, better known as Q Dawgs Bar & Grill,” Morgan County Sheriff Wayne Potter said. “We had received several complaints for the last few months of liquor being sold at this location. Morgan County is a dry county and it isn’t allowed to be sold. We were unable to send some undercover officers in the last few months to verify what were were being told was correct.

“We’ve taken several bottles of liquor in as evidence and we’ve searched the property for other illegal items.”

Illegal drugs were also allegedly found on site. MCSO officials said one arrest was made and some citations were issued.

“I want to thank the Wartburg Police Department and all the area law enforcement agencies for their assistance tonight,” Potter said.


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