High School Basketball Replay- Sunbright @ Oakdale from 12-3-20

WECOradio.com provides podcasts of each high school basketball broadcast. Click the play button below to listen to the game featuring Keith Adcock and Andrew Knight.

WECO’s High School broadcasts and podcasts are presented by One Bank of Tennessee- The Local Choice.

Award Winners

Best Effort- Lindsey Brown- Sunbright…Colton Nitzschke- Sunbright

CPA (consistant, productive athlete) Victoria Jones- Oakdale…Cam Smith- Sunbright

Floor Burn- Cassie Newport- Sunbright…Eloy Vera- Oakdale

Player of the Game- Addison Shannon- Sunbright…John Freels- Sunbright

MVP- Ally Shannon- Sunbright…Jacob Freytag- Sunbright


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