Are you ready to Rumble? Rugby Rumble that is

By Goose Lindsay

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Rugby is known for its historic past and Saturday, Sept. 4 there will be even more history in the community as RM Brooks Store is hosting the Rugby Rumble, and antique car show from 11 am until 4 pm.

“My husband, Gary and I created a cruise-in event,” RM Brooks Store owner Tiffany Terry said. “The cars come in and park in our backyard and then I started doing a little bit of music with it. People can also come in for a bologna sandwich or cheeseburger while they’re here.”

The Rugby Rumble is a twice-a-year event, as it is also held in May, but COVID-19 limited the spring event.

“It did effect us in the spring because of all the COVID, but this is an outside event so we can practice social distancing,” Terry said. “I do have a band coming in, Holler Back Band out of Crossville and they will be playing on the porch plus inside we will modify things such as the food and how we get it to them.”

The antique cars is only one reason to visit RM Brooks Store. As one of the oldest business in Morgan County, the store itself is like stepping back in time as some antiques in the store are close to 100 years old.

“There’s lot to see with the memorabilia. I’ve tried to keep things as original as possible,” Terry said.

Food is also a big draw at the store as Terry’s bologna sandwich has been voted Best in Tennessee.

“I do cut my bologna pretty thick,” she said. “I can fry it or do it cold and we can dress it up. We’re also known for our hoop cheese; it’s the Colby that sits on the counter.

“Our menu also has a lot of different things on it such as cheeseburgers, Reubens, Phillys, crispy and grilled chicken, hot dogs, so I have a good variety on the menu.”

And although RM Brooks Store is a blast from the past, there have been changes, especially on the outside as they have a variety of lodging ideas including one that’s off the ground that just opened this year.

“It’s a tree house and it has a queen bed, rocking chair, a dresser, a mirror; it’s nice. It’s a nice really different type of respite,” Terry said.

But don’t expect to watch television.

“I want people to have a place where they can come unwind and unplug. That was the biggest reason we didn’t put any electricity in it. People can hookup to WiFi with the store and there is battery operated lamps and fans, but it’s camping in a tree house.”

RM Brooks Store also offers RV and tent camping.

And although Terry hopes everyone will come out and enjoy the Rugby Rumble, she says there is a lot more to see in the area.

“I’m one mile from the visitor center and Rugby is a historic town founded by Thomas Hughes in the 1800s,” she said. “They do a phenomenal job of giving you a tour… There are some shops down there and you can go hiking and swimming. If you like nature and history then Rugby is a place for you.”

She added they offer indoor lodging for those who like electricity.

“If you don’t want to stay in a tree house or camp that’s okay,” she said. “There are plenty of other places to stay just a mile down the road. There’s Gray Gables Bed and Breakfast, Percy Cottage, Pioneer Cottage and Newbury House.

“We just love having people visit our area.”


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