Morgan County Schools adopt remote learning for grades 6-12 on Fridays

By Goose Lindsay
The Morgan County Board of Education voted unanimously at Tuesday’s monthly meeting to have every student in 6-12th grade to participate in distance learning classes on Fridays, beginning Sept. 11.
The decision was not an easy one for the Board, but Morgan County Director of Schools David Treece believes the decision is a good one for students and teachers as middle and high school teachers are struggling to keep up with the extra workload of in-class teaching and remote learning.
“They’re doing an incredible job, but it’s killing them because they want what’s best for their children,” Treece said.
“They’re having to be classroom teacher and remote learning teacher at the same time so they’ve basically got two sets of classrooms for however many classes they’re teaching per day. If they’re teaching a subject area (in the classroom) they then have to turn around and communicate with the remote learners to give them the best.
“We don’t want to cut any corners on any of our students with the education we provide.”
Students in kindergarten through fifth grade will go to school all five days during the week.
Morgan County Schools has enough teachers in grades K-5 where they have a teacher assigned to each grade for remote learning.
That isn’t the case for grades 6-12 as there are no extra teachers and money isn’t available to hire all the additional teachers needed for grades 6-12 due to many teachers specializing in individual subjects.

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