Gun auction a success for MCSO

By Goose Lindsay

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The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office auctioned off confiscated guns Saturday morning and the community came in force to help the department raise $19,200.

“It went really well,” Morgan County Sheriff Wayne Potter said. “We had over 90 people register to bid on the guns. It blew me away how much money the guns made.”

The money will go for something that is a necessity today’s society for law enforcement, body cameras.

“We went to County Commission a few months ago because with everything that’s going on in America today; we have no body cameras on the officers so we had gotten a quote for the body cameras for our officers and it came in right at $20,000,” Potter said. “We were depending on the County to fund that for us and they did. They gave us what we needed and I greatly appreciate every one of the commissioners for doing that.

“Today, we auctioned off 70 guns to try to help the county out, and we got to the number we needed to be at. I think the county is going to have about $800 invested at the end of the day.

“This was a great day for Morgan County, a great day for the citizens to come out and bid on these guns. It was a blessing.”


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