Puppies recovering after having mouths glued shut

By Goose Lindsay

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Three puppies are recovering after a horrifying story of animal cruelty emerged in the Bald Knob area of Petros.

According to Lisa Hill, Executive Director/Founder of Senior Lodge and Animal Rescue in Sunbright, the puppies were found on the night of the Fourth of July with their mouths glued shut.

“The neighbors were able to get most of the glue off so they were able to breathe and be comfortable, but they were scared,” Hill said.

The dogs were removed from the property and taken to Hill’s facility in Sunbright where the recovery process began.

“We got the owner’s permission to remove them from the property because he was hospitalized and this happened while he was gone,” Hill said. “Mainly they were scared and they hadn’t received any vet care at all so we did all that.

“We got them all calmed down and happy again, and then we were able to find a rescue to pull them into their facility so they could finish their vetting and find new forever homes.”

While three puppies were rescued, others probably perished. Hill said there were originally 13 puppies in the litter and six or seven had been seen just days before.

“We’re not sure what happened to the rest,” she said.

Unfortunately for Hill, the Fourth of July incident isn’t the worse case of animal cruelty she has witnessed.

“It’s the first time we’ve seen gluing, but we see a lot of gun shot wounds and dogs hit by cars,” she said. “Last year there was a Saint Bernard hit by a car, it had two broken legs was left by the side of the road in Deer Lodge. Everybody just drove by her all day long; nobody did anything to help her as she laid there.”

Hill, however, does get satisfaction knowing animals, such as the puppies from Petros will be okay.

“It’s always hard to let them go, but we know they’re going off to a safe place and eventually they will be spade, neutered and vetted, and to find their forever families and be house dogs,” she said.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident and tips can be made anonymously by calling (423) 346-TIPS (8477).

“They need to be charged with aggravated animal abuse,” Hill said. “It was done intentionally to harm them.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the Senior Dog Lodge and Animal Rescue in Sunbright can do so by mailing a check to 997 Mill Creek Road, Sunbright, TN 37872. Donations can also be made through Paypal or on their Facebook page.

Hill also says the facility can use dog food, bath towels and bleach.


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