Morgan County’s economic status upgraded

Morgan County Executive Brian Langley announced at Monday’s Morgan County Commission meeting that Morgan County is no longer designated as a distressed county in the United States.

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Distressed counties rank among the 10 percent most economically distressed counties in the nation. Each year, the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) prepares an index of county economic status for every county in the United States. Economic status designations are identified through a composite measure of each county’s three-year average unemployment rate, per capita market income, and poverty rate. Based on these indicators, each county is then categorized as distressed, at-risk, transitional, competitive or attainment.

“We’re excited,” Langley said. “We feel like the county’s been working hard and trying to go in the right direction. Things have really been going our way and I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made. This goes on before we even come into office; this is something that’s been ongoing and fortunately we’ve got ourselves in a better situation. We’re going to continue working hard to try to climb the ladder.”

Morgan County’s ARC status is now at-risk.


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