RV park in Morgan County’s future?

Commission approves request to pursue tourism grant



Could an RV park be coming to Wartburg?

If Morgan County Executive Brian Langley has his way then the answer will be yes. At the request of Langley, Morgan County Commission voted Monday night to pursue a $75,000 Tourism Enhancement Grant, which could possibly be used to build an RV park on county property in Wartburg.

“Tourism is really vital here in Morgan County,” Langley said. “We get a lot of people that come here and do a variety of things like outdoor activities, Frozen Head, Nemo, the Obed; there’s just a lot of things to do outdoors here. When they get done, where are they going to stay at?

“We just thought during the course of the process on what would be a need here in Morgan County. We’ve got some property in front of Roane State and behind the ambulatory care.

“We feel like an RV park would serve a great need here in Morgan County, to keep people here to spend more money and invest here in Morgan County.”

Langley added that on top of the $75,000 grant, the county has received permission from the state to use $50,000 from a previous ThreeStar grant that has yet to be used. The total match for the grant would be 5 percent or $3,750.

Langley added that Terry Futrell is working with his office to develop a plan for developing the site.

The Morgan County Tourism Committee will meet on Tuesday, July 14 at 6:30 p.m. at Morgan County Courthouse to further discuss the issue.

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