NPS seeks information on theft of Lady Slippers

Park rangers are seeking information related to the theft of approximately 30 pink lady slipper plants (Cypripedium acaule) along Leatherwood Loop Trail, on or about June 8-9, 2020.

On June 11, park staff discovered holes where the plants were known to be present. Flowering and vegetative individuals at the site had been counted by park staff two weeks earlier, on May 28, so an accurate count of how many plants were dug was possible.
Rangers are requesting that anyone with information on this plant theft case or any other plant thefts that the public is aware of to call the Resource Protection Hotline at (423) 569-7301.
Visitors are reminded that all fossils, rocks, plants, animals and cultural artifacts located within Big South Fork NRRA are protected and may not be collected.

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