Morgan County Schools looking for input on reopening of schools- WECO News- Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The 32nd Annual WECO Outdoor Show, presented by Tri-County Rentals will be held Friday & Saturday July 17th and 18th on the courthouse square in Wartburg. (Rain date – July 24th & 25th) Arts & Crafts and Non-profit organizations booth space is FREE. Call (423) 346-3900 for details.

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  1. I have a child with special needs. He gets sick so easy and we are not sending him to school. We are looking to home school we are not taking chances. My other kids could pass things to him so we are not sure what to do. There should be an online system in place incase the virus or flu starts spreading bad like last year.

  2. Open it with no guidelines for people that wanna go, if people don’t wanan go then come get packets like the end of this year.


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