All-District 3A Teams announced

All-District 3A Boys

Coach of the Year- Shay Shannon (Harriman)

Player of the Year- Nate Brackett (Rockwood)

First Team

Kolby Morgan (Oneida)

Nathan Bowling (Oneida)

Josh Langley (Sunbright)

Kylann Love (Harriman)

Dalton Yancey (Oneida)

Second Team

John Robert Freels (Sunbright)

Colby Justes (Wartburg)

Elijah Langley (Wartburg)

Brady Stubbs (Harriman)

Ethan Adkisson (Harriman)

Third Team

Brendan Burnum (Midway)

Clayton Smith (Oakdale)

Seth Lowe (Coalfield)

Brady Alcorn (Oliver Springs)

Justin Ford (Oakdale)

Honorable Mention

Lance Byrd (Coalfield)

Brian Hamby (Wartburg)

Alex Hawk (Coalfield)

Jeric Huling (Oneida)

Caleb McCarty (Wartburg)

Isaac Vanwitzenburg (Coalfield)

Tanner Melton (Oliver Springs)

Jacob Freytag (Sunbright)

All-District 3A Girls

Coach of the Year- Dallas Davis (Harriman)

Player of the Year- Kendyl West (Oneida)

First Team

Emily Cawood (Midway)

Taylor Cox (Sunbright)

Cassidy Gilmore (Oliver Springs)

Laci Hester (Oliver Springs)

Madison Holley (Wartburg)

Callie Johnson (Wartburg)

Amelia Miller (Oakdale)

Addison Oliver (Harriman)

Brooklyn Seiber (Coalfield)

Katelyn Stiltner (Oneida)

Madison Williams (Wartburg)

Honorable Mention

Alexis Morrison (Coalfield)

Gabbi Lowe (Coalfield)

Micaela Goins (Harriman)

Jasmine Davis (Harriman)

Skyler Johnson (Harriman)

Emmy Taylor (Midway)

Mable Johnson (Oliver Springs)

Courtney Chaston (Oliver Springs)

Chelsea Newport (Oneida)

Chloe Terry (Oneida)

Jayden Thomas (Oneida)

Kelsey Pike (Oneida)

Lindsey Brown (Sunbright)

Alexis Northrup (Sunbright)

Holly Nitzschke (Sunbright)

Victoria Jones (Oakdale)

Olivia Davis (Wartburg)

Reagan Redmon (Wartburg)


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