WECO News Monday, August 13th – Scott Officials Optimistic Hospital Will Re-Open

Officials in Scott County are optimistic that the hospital there will be re-opened in just a few months.

Scott County Mayor Jeff Tibbals explains:

TIBALS: “Last week we signed a letter of intent with a group called S.M. Promen out of San Antonio, Texas with a consulting firm as well, Ameris out of Nashville, Tennessee. That letter of intent is good for 90 days for negotiation to define a definitive agreement which will be a conveyance or purchase agreement of our hospital here. Hopefully we will be able to finalize those documents in the next three or four weeks and be able to begin operations. The target date is Oct. 1st, but of course that’s a very optimistic target date so we’re probably looking more to the end of October, mid-November before re-opening the hospital.” More than 200 people lost their jobs when the hospital closed. Tibbals says the new company plans to operate with a leaner staff. He addresses the status of former employees:

TIBALS: “The former employees we be given rights for interviews but they will still have to go through the interviewing process to be able to get their jobs back, but there is no guarantee because you worked there before that you will be getting your job back.”


If you own one of the 1.3 million GE dishwashers being recalled, you’re ordered to stop using it immediately.

The dishwashers could catch fire because of a problem with the heating element. Consumers are also urged to disconnect the electrical supply to the dishwashers.

The recall spans several models, including GE, GE Adora, GE Profile and more. They were sold nationwide from March 2006 through August 2009.

Consumers can contact GE for free in-home repair or credit towards a new dishwasher. Additional information, including model numbers, is available on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website at cpsc.gov. Search for GE recall.


If you are having home mortgage problems, help may be just a telephone call away. Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper and Tennessee Housing Development Agency Executive Director Ted R. Fellman announced a mortgage hotline is now available for Tennesseans who need advice.

Homeowners can call toll-free 855-876-7283 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CT) and speak to a representative who can direct homeowners to a free foreclosure prevention counselor and explain various housing assistance programs.

In April, Tennessee along with 48 other Attorneys General and federal agencies reached an agreement with the nation’s top five mortgage servicers: Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and Ally Financial/GMAC. The settlement will provide an estimated $25 billion in relief nationwide to distressed borrowers and state governments, including an estimated $140 million in benefits here in Tennessee.

“My Office wants to make sure that Tennessee homeowners get all the help they deserve under this settlement,” said Cooper. “We are pleased to partner with THDA to create this mortgage hotline for all Tennessee homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments.”

“We encourage all Tennesseans who are having problems with their mortgage servicer, regardless of who it is, to call the mortgage hotline at 855-876-7283,” said Tennessee Housing Development Agency Executive Director Ted R. Fellman. “This hotline will put struggling homeowners in touch with free counselors who can explain the housing options available to try to keep Tennesseans in their homes.”

For more information about the national mortgage settlement or to find out about housing assistance in Tennessee, please call 855-876-7283 or visit www.tn.gov/attorneygeneral.

Information about programs for eligible homeowners struggling to make their monthly payments due to unemployment or underemployment is also available at www.KeepMyTNHome.org.


Tennessee State Parks are celebrating the 75th anniversary of state park system this year.

Sen. Ken Yager and Deputy Commissioner Brock Hill with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conversation were at Frozen Head state park on Friday for a presentation there.

Sen. Yager comments: “I came here today to join with others to celebrate the 75th anniversary of our state park system and we’re doing that today by focusing on Frozen Head which is one of the most beautiful recreation/natural areas in the state.”

Deputy Commissioner Hill says he is not a stranger to Frozen Head State Park:

Commissioner Hill: “It’s always fun for me to go to any state park but especially here at Frozen Head because I’m a hiker. There are people who like water sports and there are those who like to do other type things in parks, but I love to hike. This is definitely a great park for getting out in the woods and doing hikes and seeing nature in a totally unspoiled, almost pristine almost forest primeval type of environment.”

Pictured from left to right:

Frozen Head Park Manager David Engebretson, John Robbins — aide to Rep. John Mark Windle, Sen. Ken Yager, Chamber Director Gigi Schooler, Deputy Commissioner Brock Hill with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conversation.

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