WECO News: Friday, August 3rd – Forrest Fire Kept Authorities Busy

A forrest fire kept authorities busy yesterday evening. Around 6pm, a call came in that there was a fire around the railroad tracks in the Pilot Mountain area off Highway 27. The fire was contained around 10pm. No injuries were reported with this fire.

Eco Heating and Air

Yesterday was Election Day for local and State primary elections. In Morgan County, Wade Summers defeated incumbent Terry Armes in the 2nd District County School Board Race. Glen Moore retained his seat as the 4th District School Board member by defeating Ronnie Trout by just 11 votes. Moore is looking forward to another four years on the board. In the 6th District School Board race, Tony Dagley defeated Andrew Sandberg, and says he’s excited about serving the district. For the official numbers, visit WECOradio.com

Youbidit.com isn’t a typical penny auction site. Steven Hensley, a 2004 graduate of Coalfield High School saw an idea bigger than that, with the help of a friend.

“One of my buddies had showed me a website that sold gift cards, so they would turn around and reward people with different stuff for buying gift cards,” Hensley said.

The site was able to offer rewards by being affiliated with another site.

“I was looking at Amazon, and in North America alone, in 2011 they did 17 billion dollars of net sales,” Hensley said.

Hensley’s plan was then to become affiliated with Amazon in order to give customers rewards to his site. Youbidit.com was then created. Hensley says that all customers have to do is shop at Amazon.com through his website, and then in turn receive free bids at his Penny Auction site. Bids at other popular penny auction sites, like Beezid.com, can range anywhere from 55 cents to 90 cents. That’s what sets youbidit apart.

“We’re actually going to let you buy bids through us for about ten cents apiece,” Hensley added.

Hensley says the website is coming soon, and to keep checking youbidit.com for updates.

The tax free weekend in Tennessee begins today. According to tn.gov, items included as tax free are clothing items less than 100 dollars apiece, school supplies less than 100 dollars apiece, and computers valued at 1,500 dollars or less. The tax free weekend has been a tradition in Tennessee since August of 2006. Since then, it is estimated that 8-10 million dollars in taxes have been saved by shoppers. The holiday will extend until Sunday.

And finally, you know what they say about karma. A man in an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, subdivision told police he checked his laundry hanging outside on a clothesline Monday morning and spotted someone discarding old dirty clothes and putting on clean ones from his line. The man confronted the stranger and demanded he put his own clothes back on. The thief did and fled, and the resident said while he was waiting for police, he was preparing his own clothes to rewash and found a wallet — the thief’s wallet.


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