Trade Time Podcast From Friday, January 19th, 2018 (click here to listen)

WECO provides podcasts of our daily Trade Time broadcasts. Trade Time airs live weekday mornings from 10:30am until 11:00am on 101.3 FM and 940 AM – FM 95.5 WECO.

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Trade time 1-19-18

  1. 1974 Ford Truck, step ladder 865-809-6514
  2. Air Conditioning for sale 440-3868
  3. Storm damage cleaned up? 423-628-5481
  4. Log chains, antique clothes chest, baseball cards 865-278-4994
  5. Looking for old comic books from 1970s 423-215-7501
  6. Good work truck 423-539-2610
  7. Go kart 423-215-2319
  8. Puppies 346-2817
  9. Pigs 965-4348
  10. Refrigerator, tires and wheels, slide in camper 423-569-4098


  1. I have two 10 mth old redbone walker mix pups in desperate need of a permanent home please put them on trade time 423-346-9812 or 865-296-2498

  2. Please bring back the posting of the daily listings, it is very helpful and would connect more people who are looking and missed what was called in,faxed, it would also stop having to call back into the station to get follow up items. Thank You!

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